Thursday, January 31, 2019

Let Me Just Take A Moment To Say Hello

Hello! Firstly, thank you for clicking onto my new blog my name's Lucy, and I should probably tell you a little bit about myself seeming this is what this entire blog post is intended for.

As I said above my name is Lucy I'm a 20 year old University Student studying English Language and Literature, currently residing in a small seaside town in Essex. Ever since I was young I loved writing and anything to do with English. It was my favorite subject at school and I longed to just curl up all day with a book. English is my content little happy place far away from the real world. Due to my ever growing love for English and despite studying it for University I longed for something more something different, So I decided to create this blog. A little corner where my heart can write whatever it desires and maybe someone maybe interested in reading it one day so it's free for you all to browse and enjoy. But putting that aside it's having a creative outlet that means the most to me, and maybe now i'll actually prioritize my spare time instead of just doing a large amount of University essays whenever I'm not in work. Though I better go and actually write my essay that the deadline is for a weeks time as opposed to procrastinating over here.

So I hope you enjoy reading this and the future content that I post.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Toodle pip 

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  1. Awe so exciting, girl!
    -Kate //