Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Mothers Day Gift Guide.

As Mother's day is just around the corner, (it's this upcoming Sunday). I decided to put together this cute little gift guide, but there is certainly no need to panic! It's okay if you haven't bought a present yet! It's also okay if you are incredibly organised and your presents are sorted, but for some who need a little nudge, a mother's day gift guide is essential. It always helpful to have a little bit of inspiration when it comes to treating their mum this mothers day is struck. With this is mind, here I have collected my top choices of present pieces for you lovelies today!

1) Candles Can you ever have too many candles? Yankees are always my go to for a top quality product that makes a great gift. Be sure to look out for Boot's Yankee Candle gift sets they sell around these type of seasonal events.Although you really have to be quick to snatch these up whenever they come into stock as they sell out quite fast. But for the price they go down to can you blame it? For a cheaper alternative Home Bargains do some great jar candles with many options ranging from the most popular scents of fresh linen to some obscure ones like rhubarb and pear which is great for a fresh breeze of spring.

2) Clothes If you know your mum really well, or if you tend to have a similar taste when it comes to clothing, a item of clothing or an accessory is a good alternative to a gift. One of my top picks is certainly this white embroidered dress from Cath Kidston. The swing dress skirt is my favourite part, and the length is a part length for women who don't like showing their legs off as much.

3) Bath Sets Not everyone is able to spend a day or weekend at a spa, (although a spa weekend is a lovely present if you and your mum have the time to spare) however this bath set from Champneys is a good at home alternative. Filled with goodies such as bath soak, shower gel and body butter your mum can feel really pampered in the comfort of her own home.

4) Flowers Who's mum doesn't deserve a bunch of flowers? They are such a lovely present to give, to not only brighten up their day but brighten up wherever they are placed with their variety of different shades of colours.
Top tip! Make sure that when you put flowers in the vase you remove all foliage that is submerged to ensure they last for a good few weeks.

5) Cooking/Baking Books I don't know about you, but I love a good baking session, from baking brownies, to the classic vanilla sponge to a New York style cheesecake. But whatever I am baking i'm always swayed towards my Classic Mary Berry cook books and this Mary Berry baking bible is one of my favourite, filled with a variety of different recipes your mum can spend forever baking all the different goodies. (Hopefully including a few of your favourites so you can eat all her hardwork!).

6) Pyjamas is there anything as good as snuggling up with a cozy pair of pyjamas on underneath a fluffy blanket on the sofa watching netflix? And who doesn't want to treat their mum to a new pair? My top pick are these Topshop Mickey Mouse ones. I love Disney and you can never have too many character themed pjs. My other top pick selections would be the Pyjamas from Cath Kidston and Tescos as they are both filled with super soft quality items.

7) Perfume This can be a trickier one if you are not sure what scent  to go for, but if your mum has a staple favourite thats running out she will love this present. My mums favourite has always been Angel by Mugler. But some other great options that I personally love is Daisy by Marc Jacobs for those that like a sweeter smell, and reminds me of summer holidays. However, a more daring perfume that I know is very popular with our generation is Lady Million by Paco Robanne.

8) Choccies Everybody loves chocolate, need I say more. Some great boxes are Lindor for the luxurious, and my personal favourite that my mum needs to hide from me, Dairy box by Cadburys. Those chocolate boxes are certainly lethal as you never really know how many you are eating until the box is 2/3rds empty.... whoops. 

9) Make-up: Another one that is a great gift if you know what sort of shades your mum likes to wear. This can be a great time to add some more luxury makeup to your mums such as a Chanel lipstick, or a YSL blush, I feel they are the easiest to buy for someone as opposed to a foundation or powder as everyone has different likes and needs for their skin.

I really hope you enjoyed my little mothers day edit, and some of the ideas I have given you become helpful. I would love to know what you have brought your mother for mother's day or what you have organised.

Thank you so much for reading. 
Toodlepip lovelies
Lucy x


  1. Such great picks. Thierry Mugler Angel is one of my mums favourite fragrances, and would make such a good gift xx

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