Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Glossybox Edit // March

Hello Beauts, today, I thought I would share with you all the contents of my Monthly Glossybox. March edition. In case any of you lovely readers were not aware of the brand Glossy box and what it entails. It is a beauty subscription box that you receive every month filled with a variety of 5-6 products. The products in the box range from skincare, hair care to cosmetic goodies! You can either purchase a month to month subscription at just over 10 pounds a month, or pay upfront in the range of 6 month, 9 months and to a year, where the cost of it reduces the longer you subscribe for.

Like every month, the box inside is neatly packaged, with a ribbon tying the goodies together underneath tissue wrapping paper. The detailing and effort put into these makes the box feel even more special when you open it up.

Marchs box consists of array of different skincare and cosmetic goodies! Which are always my favourite. Can a girl ever have too much make up? (The answer is infact yes but let's just brush over that reality).

The first product I pulled out of the box is the The Body Shop Coconut body butter. rrp. £6. I may not be the biggest fan of coconut smelling products, although if you give me coconut flavoured chocolate we are talking an entirely different story. But the consistency of this product is a rich creamy texture. It's is definitely moisturizing to the body but I would not say it hydrates the body for up to 72 hours despite what the product labels tells you. Talking about the scent of this for a second, I wouldn't call the 'coconut' refreshing. It more smells like an artificial coconut scent, thus putting me slightly more of the product, however if it was another body butter from the body shop range I would certainly use it in my everyday routine.

Bybi Plumper Lip Balm rrp. £9 When I first applied a pea size amount of product upon my lips just as the packaging instructed me to, I was met with a tingling sensation which must of been the plumping side of the lip balm working. It was certainly not an uncomfortable feeling but unlike other lip balms you was very aware your lips had something on them. Although on the moisture front I really did feel a difference in the feel of my lips as they felt healthy and more moistured than other plumping style lip products I have tried in the past. Once I put lipstick on top you could not at all tell that my lips may of previously been all dry and horrible. Again this is incredibly rare for me as someone who suffers really badly with cracked and dry lips in the Winter and Spring months.

After investigating and trying out the lip balm, I pulled out the Laritzy Cosmetics Highlighter in Utopia, rrp 15.30 pounds. I normally when doing my make up always use a white highlighter  so when I noticed this highlighter was a pink toned one I was very excited to try it. I always prefer a natural style of highlighter that gives you a dewy glow as opposed to a bold line of highlight on your cheekbones. You definitely have to apply a lot more on than you would a white toned highlighter but the effect and quality of the product makes up for this. Although I have never heard of the brand before, with the success of me loving this highlighter, it makes me want to try more products from this brand. In fact, it makes me wish to me more adventurous with different make up brands. If you only buy one thing from this post I throughly recommend this and although it is a little bit more expensive than any drugstore product you get what you pay for.

Liquid lipsticks are something I never venture into. But with my previous statement I certainly will try and give this more of a go. When I pulled out the Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme rrp £20 pounds, I sighed with disappointment with the colour shade. I'm definitely not a girl who wears darker shaded lipsticks or lipglosses for that matter. But I can fault this lipstick. With it's creamy formula it really does glide across your lips, providing a matte style finish. Another thing I'm not a fan of but adding a small gloss of the Bybi's plumper lip balm turns any lip product into a glossy finish. 

Last but by no means least, we have the Essence Instant Matt Fixing Spray rrp £3 pounds. Fixing sprays for me hands down are the most important part of make up, it holds it in place and helps seal in the make up for that long lasting finish. The same way powder does. Although most days I go for a more dewy glowy look there are those days where a matt finish seems more appropriate, especially being at work.  It keeps my make up in place and with a price tag of only 3 pounds it is definitely within budget compared to my beloved Mac Setting spray and a good drugstore alternative. A must have product for the price. 

Overall, for the price I feel this months Glossybox is worth it, although there has been some better ones in the past with terms of products (Last month I recieved a Huda Beauty Lip crayon which I l o v e), but it is not the worst beauty subscription box ever. 

What beauty product are you most excited to try? And do you think this month's glossy box is worth it? I'll love to hear your thoughts but for now.
Toodlepip lovelies 
Lucy x


  1. I've wanted to try a Glossybox, dont know what I'm waiting for! The Body Shop body butters are just the best aren't they! You should definitely try their other scents, the Shea butter and Moringa are not too over powering as the Coconut! - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I will have too!! The shea butter one I have smelt in the store and it's heavenly!!

  2. Replies
    1. So do I. I can't wait for my new one to come! Lucy x