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Top Tips For Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland is magical. A theme park filled with all your favourite characters and fear induced rollercoasters that keep you on the edge of your feet. Although, Disneyland comes with its own set of problems. No matter how magical a place it is. So I've compiled a list of top tips I've learnt over the times I have been.

Buy any Disney Merchandise just before you go home.
You don't want to be hauling around bags and bags of stuff as you meet characters and ride on the rollercoasters so one of your best options is to purchase all those essential (but certainly expensive) goodies that you need at home. Disney also offers a shop and collect later option, much like click and collect food shopping or clothing items. Referred to as hands-free shopping, you leave your items at the store, and are able to pick them up after 6 pm within Disney village as you leave the park. Or, if you are staying within a Disney hotel, you can pick them up after 8pm. Obviously, though, you would want to purchase those necessary Disney ears to heighten your magical experience and take them with you for the day. Disney's ears are an essential part of any Disney experience. Mine this year was glittery baby pink ones.

Structuring your day to ensure maximum efficiency and organisation. 
You can't go to Disneyland without an action plan. Although Disneyland is certainly not as big as Disney World Florida if you incorporate Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios it's a lot of things to do within a day or weekend space. Because of this, if you walk around the parks without knowing what to do next, you'll easily miss things. Pick out three attractions that you really want to go on and plan your day around that. Or, if you are more into meeting the Disney characters such like The princesses or Mickey Mouse himself go to them first when you enter the park, or during magic hours if you are staying at a Disney Hotel as the queues for meeting characters can get really long.

Parade placement is really important. 
Main street and past the royal castle stage is where the parade takes place, the space is rather large but it fills up rather quickly. In the past with my experience, I have had cast members inform us that you only need to get there fifteen/thirty minutes before the parade starts. However, if you want to ensure you get a good seat along the pavements of Main street or on the castle entrance path you are better off setting up camp an hour before the parade starts. Though luckily the parade changes are not as often so if you are staying for the weekend, you don't need to watch it every day of your trip.

Fast passes are an important element of any Disney trip.
Due to the popular demand for the rides, the wait times and large queue lines within the park puts a lot of people off from visiting. But to combat this Disney has you covered and if there are certain rides you can obtain the fast pass scheme for. Disney has introduced their Super FastPass and Ultimate Fast Pass schemes into Disneyland Paris that changes the ball game slightly. With these, you are able to have unlimited access to the Fast Pass queues for the fast pass rides for however long you pay for it. Prices start at 30 Euros.

The Disney Princesses, Princess Pavilion meet and greet is best in the morning. 
The Princesses are the most memorable part of any Disney experience. But sadly, they are also the hardest ones to meet. Often located within the Princess Pavilion they normally have two princesses on rotation, one in the morning the other in the afternoon. Though they are the hardest ones to meet due to the extensive queue waiting times that can range from a minimum of 60 minutes to 120 minutes. Though, if the princesses are either on yours or your child's bucket list you are at your best chances to go early in the day, during the morning, this is due to the queues haven't had a chance to properly form. It's always good to ask a cast member who is coming over so you are able to know the character before the rest of the guests' clock on. It's also good to note if you have a green card for yourself or your child go in the morning also to book your slot to meet the princesses quickly as they book at fast too. (Characters you don't often have to do this for is Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse as they are there from 10 to 7 pm).

Take a packed lunch with you. 
Much to popular disbelief, Disneyland does allow you to take in your own food. (as long as it's not a full picnic basket including fold-up chairs. which is certainly a French classic tradition). It's a good idea to do especially with the pricing of snacks and food within the Disney park itself. Although Disney village restaurant prices are not any better.

Don't go on the weekend. 
If you can avoid visiting during the weekend. During the week is the best time to go for not only crowds but for getting your money's worth. Weekends are obviously when the park is most popular so the queue times are extended and the price of the ticket goes up. This also applies to school holidays. So if you are able to visit during term time you will have some spare money to be able to use on that much needed Disney merchandise.

I hope you enjoy these Disney tips and use them for when you are on your next Disney trip. I would also love to hear some of your tips also as I'm always on the lookout for more ways to get the most out of my trips.

Thank you for reading.
Toodle pip lovelies 
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