Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Round Up Of My First Year Of University.

University for me was an experience full of ups and downs that differed majorly depending on the circumstances. It was filled with everything I thought it would be (and everything I didn't expect). If you take at least one thing away from this post; it's okay to feel stress in any given situation and that feeling is extremely normal. But please and I stress this part, talk to somebody about it when it gets too bad for you to handle yourself. I encourage you to talk about it, I promise it'll make you feel better as the saying goes, 'A problem shared is a problem halved'. 

Towards the end of my first year of university, I was really struggling. My life at this stage university was trying to write my last essay before the summer break, revise for my end of module exam and trying to balance moving house as well.  It was a lot, I'll be honest here. I struggled, I neglected my own self-care and any kind of balance in my life that it started affecting my social and work lives. I was highly emotional and I honestly hand on heart can say it was probably the lowest I have felt. I'm still going through the waves of emotions right now, but slowly,  I eventually started speaking to someone and asked for help. I'll admit I asked a little too late in my circumstances and I feel if I had sought help sooner I wouldn't have felt so bad on a daily basis. But that's the great thing about sharing things personal reflection can be seen. So I guess with me sharing this on to my little blog and talking about this subject, I hope you can learn from my experiences to ensure that If you or somebody you know is going through a similar situation to me they'll have even the tiniest bit of advice to go with. 

However, my first year of university wasn't all doom of gloom, with rain comes sunshine and I enjoyed several parts of it. One of them is getting back into education. I don't shy away from talking about the fact that my academic life growing up wasn't easy but slipping into university life after taking a gap year was easier than I thought. I found that English was definitely my niché, and something I wanted to pursue after graduation. I don't know exactly what type of job I want to do, I mean I don't need to know until at least my third year, or at least that is what I am reassuring myself with. I loved being able to read books and analyse them for my degree. In some ways, it honestly feels like I'm not doing it for university, (the only time it feels like it's work is when I've been so busy with other things and I'm writing my essay way to close to the deadline). But I guess what my point here that I am trying to say is University isn't for everyone it's a struggle, but if you are studying something you love or working towards something that'll benefit you in terms of gaining a job after graduation. It feels you with motivation to do better.

I finished my first year with a 2:1. Something I didn't expect myself to get. At the start of the year, I wasn't even expecting to gain a pass let alone a good score. I hope my second year goes just as well. 

For any of my readers out there that have been to university or are in university now, how did your academic year go? 

I hope you enjoyed reading this different style of blogpost. 
Until next time.
Toodlepip Lovelies
Lucy x

Friday, August 9, 2019

A Rocky Horror Theatre Review.

The iconic Rocky Horror show took a jump to the left as it arrived into my local theatre. Growing up I watched the movie quite a lot due to it is not only a cult classic but one of my mum's favourite movies. Although watching the movie and my many years of dipping my toe in different styles of the theatre realm, I was not prepared for this.

Now, in case you have never heard of the Rocky Horror Show. (Although you must have been living under a rock for most of your life). The show starts with Brad and his wife to be Janet, are stranded during a storm as their car breaks downs two miles from a castle. Home to Dr frank n Furter the star of the show himself. Played by Stephen Webb in the show I saw, who was exceptional from start to finish. the story unravels itself from there with the craziness of aliens, forbidden planets, sexual adventures and the epic 'Time Warp' that'll get you up and dancing on your two feet in no time.

I feel the most appropriate way to categorize my thoughts on the show and addressing all the good (and bad) parts is in the midst of a bullet point list. I mean who doesn't love a list?

Audience Participation. 
During the 5:30 show I watched on a Friday evening the crowd were as rowdy as ever but in a controlled way. Heckling with perfect timing and with the correct wording that was greeted with laughter all around. They were no match for Steve Punt who's witty remarks were also matched with laughter. Him playing the narrator made the show, and in some regards it makes you wonder if Steve is actually given a script or if the hecklers are his script. In my eyes, Steve is the best fit for the role. (The role of the narrator changes as the tour travels and relocates theatres). 

Although the audience was hesitated at first, which is always surprising seeming eighty percent of the audience were dressed up in their finest rocky horror outfits or should I say dressed down. They were up and dancing in no time during the time warp and waving their lights during 'there's a light'. (Which is my favourite song of the entire performance). 

Casting Choice. 
Joanne Clifton's butter wouldn't melt Janet, (slut) really showed that footwork wasn't the only thing she was talented for. Often known in relation to her brother Kevin Clifton. Joanne's vocals and acting really stole the show for me. Don't get me wrong I love the theatre in all premises but I'm often hesitant and in some cases reluctant to view a show when a 'big name' is put up. And her pairing with James Darch's boy next door approach to Brad (asshole) gave the knight in shining armor pantomime effect to the overall show.

Most loved and recognized for his muscles when playing Rocky is Calum Evans. Don't get me wrong he is a fine specimen of a man (that's mostly due to the reason of his creation). His acrobatic moves resulted in adding another level of madness into the show.  Although at one point it made me laugh when he proceeded to leave the stage doing a handstand as Dr. Frank sang his second solo of the show about going home.

Sound, Set, and Lighting.
With many a touring show, space is limited as compared to that of West End production. However, is this version of Rocky horror the set was not compromised in the slightest and with the aid of the lighting worked really well. Although one thing to be noted here is if you or anybody that you know suffers from epilepsy beware of the flashing lights as they are repeated throughout the show.

In terms of song performances, the best eruption of wolf whistles and cheering from the crowd was as Dr. Frank stepped on in his own opening number. The first notes of 'Sweet transvestite' had been played and everyone went crazy. This was very much rightly so as Stephen Webb's voice and acting were next to nothing I had seen before. He embodied the character beautifully and played to everyone in the fantasies of the audience!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching every minute of the performance and applaud the hard work each performer put into every show they did, not just the week they were down at the Cliffs but for all of the tours. If you haven't seen Rocky Horror yourself you really need to check it out.

Until next time. Toodlepip lovelies 
Lucy x