Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Glossybox Review // October 'Devil' Themed.

A Glossybox delivery day is the favourite day of the month right? I know it's been literal MONTHS since I have shared one with you but I felt like this October themed Glossybox was too good to not I love how every monthly is packaged with a little bow and tissue paper with the goodies wrapped inside of them. It's like a little present and I wish my wrapping skills were just as good. 

This October's box came in two different styles of either A Angel themed box or the one I received the Devil themed box. The content inside of course matches the outside packaging style. So let's get into the goodies! 
 A Sweet Treat - Whittard's Sticky Toffee Pudding Hot Chocolate.
I will say this now and to be honest, it will come to no surprise to anyone but I never say no to a sweet treat, whether that be a hot chocolate that came within this month's Glossybox or a bar of chocolate in the previous month's box. However, I didn't even get a look in as my boyfriend's hands went straight to pulling the hot chocolate out of the box as soon as I had just about lifted the lid off it. Despite this, I asked for his verdict on the chocolately goodness and he says it is one of the best Whittard hot chocolate flavours they have made! I think adding an edible/ drinkable treat within the box every month is a massive hit.

Lord And Berry Lip Crayon in 'Devil's Red'.
 I love a good lip product, and something which I love the most about a good lip product is how easy it is to apply. I tend to find crayons and lip liners are the easiest application as opposed to an actual lipstick so you can imagine my excitement when I found this within my Glossybox this month. I've not heard much about Lord and Berry before and it's a brand I've not really bought anything from before however, I loved this lipstick and how intense the colour red it is. I don't tend to wear red lipsticks which is a shame due to it reflecting well against my pale skin. But I get incredibly worried about smearing it when it's on! It is something I do want to get more confident within my life.

Stylondon Eyeshadow Pallette.
There are two things I love the most about this palette, the colours are obviously a statement and a favourite the other being that this palette is a mineral-based, a product that is filled with Vitamin E and Vegan-friendly. Ever since my skin has been breaking out quite a lot (at the age of 21 I thought it would have calmed down now) I have been preferring applying mineral-based products to my skin more. Although let's go back to talking about the colours before in the pan they look so gorgeous especially the orange and pink glitters in the top row. Although when I swatched them on my skin they looked worse out of the pan than in. Which is a shame due to the colours are perfect for autumn. I am yet to try them out on my eyelids but expect a more in-depth look at this palette in a future blog post soon. 
MCoBeauty Crayon EyeLiner. 
Again, like my comment previously I have never heard of the brand MCoBeauty. But that's a thing I love about Glossybox in general. You are able to try out new brands you have never heard of before while also enjoying brands you already love. I don't wear eyeliner often, simply because I'm not very good at it or makeup in general but I love the effect black liner has against red or orange eyeshadow. For me, I just do a simple line on my lid as opposed to a wing. Whenever I do a winged eyeliner they come out super wonky! I get incredibly jealous of people who can.
Bubble T Devil Dust Foaming Bath Powder. 
There isn't often a bath product that I do not love. Ranging from Lush bath bombs to bubble bars.
However, this was the first product I have tried from Bubble T, and I'm sad to say I was rather disappointed with the outcome of this. I felt it didn't produce as many bubbles as I expected compared to some bath powders // bubble baths I have used before, which kind of ruined my entire bath situation. There wasn't an overall powerful fragrance to the bath powder which I was grateful for as often I find a fragrance heavy product irritates my skin too much. The colour that was in the water as soon as you put the bath powder disappeared as the bath filled up.

Que Bella Professional Plumping Gold Peel Off Mask.
When it comes to facemasks I'm incredibly picky, I have sensitive spot prone skin so often I have to be to avoid a bad flare-up. I also don't often like single-use masks as well as I am very much an advocate for helping out the planet whenever I can. However, seeming this came within my Glossybox I thought it was something I'll try and see if my mind was changed. It's not too many people's surprise I didn't enjoy it much. I found it took forever to peel off and came off in small chunks. I find the whole concept of a peel-off mask frustrating and didn't see many after-effects to my skin to warrant using this.

I hoped you enjoyed this week's blog post. 
What was your favourite part of this month's Glossybox? Are there any products you have//haven't tried? 
Until next week lovelies.
Lucy x


  1. Oh all of this stuff looks amazing, I love beauty but I've gotta say I think the most exciting thing here is the STP hot chocolate, that sounds amazing! I love the look of the palette too!
    Soph - x

    1. haha thankyou!! Whittard hot chocolates are the best!! I love the white hot chocolate one! x