Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Primark Lip Liner and Crayon Duos Review.

As I was stumbling into Primark to look around while I was shopping in lakeside (for yes the c-word) Christmas presents. I noticed the array of new beauty items Primark has to offer.

Now I’ve heard many a mixed review when it comes to this but something I have heard just positive reviews about is the Primark lip products so I thought I would buy a few to try them out.
I decided to buy the lip liner and lip crayon duos that cost, yes only two pounds each with really is a steal seeming the product is a two in one. They had a few different shades but I decided to only pick up three as the others on the shelf were more of a dark browny and bright pink colours that I don’t really suit wearing. The colours showed above are labelled as seen.
The shade ‘red’ as the name suggests is a deep bright red that is an intense as you would expect a red to be.
The lip liners are easy to use as they are small and precise and make filling in the rest of your lips with the crayon end of the product great. The crayon side is not too big so you don’t end up getting lip product halfway up your cheek. But maybe, just maybe that’s just something that ends up happening to me. 

They are of a matte finishing texture and last a good while on my lips without needing to be topped up. However, they don’t stand the test if you are eating and drinking as they sadly rub off then.

What I love most about this product is you know that both the lip liner and the lip crayon are going to match. There is quite a lot of lip products in my collection that I struggle to wear due to not having a match lip liner, and vice versa. I hate the struggle of having to try and walk around a store with a lipstick in hand trying to find the matching lip liner to it.
The nude shades ‘toast’ and ‘barely there’ are my perfect nude shades that compliment my more simple everyday make up or if I’m going a bit heavier with my eye makeup. Not that I do that very often but I’m trying to experiment more than just wear the same three pink eyeshadows.

Although the packaging is something that doesn’t sell an item to me it is worth noting here that I enjoy the simplicity of the Matte black look. And the colour of the shades being the entire cap as opposed to just being a sticker on the bottom. I like being able to find exactly what I want when trying to find a lip product and hate having to search through my massive selection.

Overall, for the price of these lip products being 2 pounds each I really think they are worth purchasing. The shade range is a little limited however you can not complain as the shades they do, and the formulas within them are great.

Have you ever bought or tried any Primark make up before? 
Thank you for reading.
Toodlepip lovelies.
Lucy x


  1. I love the shades of these, and I can imagine that they are a fraction of the cost of the other brands. £2 is insane!
    Amber |

    1. So glad you love the shades! I wore 'toast' to work the other day and got many a compliment! I can not believe the price either! Worth picking it up x