Monday, December 23, 2019

Mary Poppins // A Theatre Review.

On a gloomy Saturday evening in the last week of November, my boyfriend and I headed up to London to see the wonderful Charlie Stemp and Zizi Strallen in Mary Poppins. Although you may have never heard of the musical production that is Mary Poppins, I am pretty sure you would know of the Disney movie version.

There isn't much that differs between the two, however, one of the key differences you will notice is the musical soundtracks, and let's be honest the songs make most of the west end performances, par the acting! The West End performance has had a lot more songs added to it, to enhance the story that unfolds on the stage while also creating some alternations and setting changes to the most iconic Mary Poppins songs there is, these being 'A Spoonful of Sugar' and 'Supercalifragilisticexplidocious'. I didn't have much of a problem with these alternations but was a little disappointed that Mary Poppins didn't wear the well know White holiday dress for Jolly Holiday and instead opted for a bright pink one.

But let's have a talk about the new additions that graced the stage. One of my firm favourites was the song 'Being Mr's Banks' and the reprised version also. There is something about listening to this song be performed upon the stage that really moved me. The lyrics and acting were both filled with so much emotion that makes you feel a sense of relation to how the actor is feeling and to everyday life. Something I love is how an actor or a song and plot line can make you feel invested more and more into the musical. 'Being Mrs Banks' makes you feel the emotions she has been torn between the woman she wants to be, and the woman her husband wants her to be.

Although I loved 'Being Mrs Banks' I was not the biggest fan of the 'Playing the Game' song. I felt that the entire scene was very uncomfortable to watch and terrified me slightly when the giant toy came to life. I don't want to spoil the show too much as there is a lot of magic that centres around the production and Mary Poppins itself. For a show like this, what more could you expect? The magic is a key piece to the show and adds an extra level of wonderfulness that any Disney production needs. I loved how magical Mary Poppins bag was without the movie tricks the original pursues. The set of Cherry Tree Lane house was also a firm favourite as I loved the way it unfolded and folded itself up almost like a giant dollhouse. The set being this way added that extra bit of specialness.

Overall, If you love Disney and Mary Poppins is your kind of thing I think you would extremely love this and Charlie Stemp as Burt and Zizi Strallen as Mary Poppins are the real icing on the cake for this version of Mary Poppins. Together they create the best dynamic of the two and mould themselves perfectl]y into the characters while acting. Making it such a pleasure to watch. I really enjoyed my time watching this show and would really recommend you go see it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little theatre review and have a lovely Christmas!
Toodlepip lovelies
Lucy x