Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A New Year But I'm Still The Same Me // Why You Should Never Change Yourself For anybody.

I'm a little bit late to the party here, seeming I am writing this on the 14th of January but the first two weeks of the new year have been a bit of a whirlwind time, to say the least, and I properly wanted to sit down and think about what I wanted to write about and where I think I am heading with this blog. A trend I have noticed from the likes of social media platforms and talking to people in my everyday life is a focus on goals and resolutions when a new year, (Or even a new decade) Is around the corner. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not opposed to the aspect of setting ourselves goals and working on ourselves for the better because as humans I feel we are always able to improve ourselves. But my problem when it comes to this type of goals is that they are attached to something of a significance holiday so people are in turn somewhat 'expected' to make goals.

And a lot of the time these type of goals are centred around losing weight and improving fitness levels, a career change or a promotion or even just reading more or buying a car/learning to drive and this is because we pick these goals as we think it's what we have to do to become a better human being. We don't need to change ourselves for anybody. This is one of my main points I have really been focusing on for 2020. During 2019, I became far too consumed with what everybody around me was doing, focusing on how they, in turn, live their lives rather than focusing on my own and what I need to do. So just because people around you in your lives are doing all different types of things to do, there is no need to make it a competitive thing and compare yourself. Every person in life is on a very different track and no two people are the same.

I hope you are having a great start to the new year and the new decade, and I would love to hear your thoughts in regards to goals and the new year. 
Until next time, thank you so much for reading! 
Toodlepip Lovelies 
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  1. Love this! We should only change for ourselves, and to make our lives better!

    Ashlee |