Saturday, February 22, 2020

Reducing Our Plastic Usage.

Plastic is in our ocean, it's in our cupboards and it's in our fridge. But just because it's all around us, doesn't mean we need to use it or rely on it all the time. I know it's not possible to cut out plastic from our lives completely, but there are some options we can take to reduce our plastic bit by bit. I've selected a small collection of my favourite plastic-free items that I use in my everyday life.

Beeswax Wraps

These are just stable in the kitchen. Forget all about cling film as these beeswax wraps work just as well! It's great for transporting your lunch when you go to work! Or for just carrying snacks around when you go out because who doesn't get hungry throughout the day? What's so great about these is you can just keep reusing them again and again, all they need is a quick wash in cold water between uses are you are all good to go!

Metal Straws

Another handy plastic-free item you are able to carry around with you or use at home. Although if you are going out and about with it you are able to purchase collapse versions that pop in your handbag and save a little bit of room! Which saves waste overall when you head out for something to eat or a drink because even though most places have paper straws they end up just being a waste as they go all soggy in your drink!

One thing I will note here is if you are a keen smoothie drinker you'll have to buy extra-large straws otherwise the smoothie mixture gets caught up in the normal-sized ones and let me tell you this it is not a pleasant experience!  

Cotton Pads

These are so perfect for using on an everyday basis! It's crazy to think about how many cottons pads you throw away on a weekly basis so with these you use them and then pop them into a little drawstring wash bag and throw them in the washing machine along with the rest of your washing!

Reusable Water Bottles

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Us as humans need a lot of pints of water so it's important to drink a lot! But when you are out and out you can fall to the bad habits of ending up of buying a water bottle everywhere you go! At the train station or just on the way to town. This could also apply for hot beverages as a reusable coffee cup is just as helpful! Carrying your own help reduce the waste bit by bit! Don't forget to wash it out though!! :) 

Method Cleaner

Now I won't lie to you, these can be a little pricey so I do tend to stock up when an offer is about but aside from that, method cleaners bottles are made from recycled used plastic, and the formulas are cruelty-free and non-harmful to the environment! I can hear what you are thinking, Yes. These do work just as well as the normal more well-known brands that Mr's Hinch often advertises! 

Vegetable Bags

Loose Vegetable in the supermarket is such a great idea. Why hasn't anymore ever thought about it before? Can you note my sarcasm here? But why do these loose vegetables offer plastic bags to store the fruit and veg in. Isn't it defeating the point of why they were used all that time before in greengrocers? In fact why someone ever thinks that fruit and veg needed to be stored in plastic anyway? But these vegetable bags are great at storing all the loose produce so you don't have to rely on plastic no more! 

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Every toothbrush you have used in your life is still out there here on earth. Isn't it crazy to think that? Toothbrush plastic is one of the hardest types of plastic to break down. So with these new bamboo toothbrushes once you have finished using them and it's time to get a new one it's not the same as throwing away old plastic ones are these are in fact bio-degradable. Giving a little helping hand to our earth! 

What are some plastic-free alternatives that you use in your everyday life? I would love to know! 


  1. Such a great post! It's fab there are so many plastic-free options now, I have a folding straw in a little case in my handbag and it's ideal as I can use it anywhere xo

  2. Yes, yes and yes to this post! I've been trying to reduce my plastic usage over the last year or so, and some swaps are just so easy to make. I can't live without my reusable bottle now, and I've swapped cotton pads for fabric ones. Now I really want to implement beeswax wraps in my kitchen! Thank you for sharing, I hope this post inspires others to reduce their plastic usage :)

    Julia x