Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sundose* A Personalised Vitamin Supply Review.

*AD -This Blogpost contains gifted items*

Vitamins and supplements are an important addition to our lifestyles to ensure we are able to maintain our general well-being and health. They are something that most of us should be taking daily, but let's be honest it's something we often forget to do. It's kind of like exercising, we know the importance but we often lack the motivation to succeed. This is where Sundose comes into play and why I've loved using them.

So what is it?

Sundose is a Polish vitamin company that helps take out the stress of working out what vitamin and supplements we need to take. With a personalised formula that is based and focuses on the questionnaire, you provide answers too. The questions ranging from being based on your own lifestyle and well-being and also your health and dietary needs. For me, when answering the questionnaire it was very apparent my needs were to be focused on improving my energy levels, due to my struggle of getting out of bed in the morning that in turn is affecting my day to day concentration and productivity levels. 

Once the main 62-page questionnaire has been answered a nutritionist will message you to ask in regards to a few extra questioning in regards to if you have had a recent blood test in the last three months. What you want your supplements to focus the most on. Like I said above, my energy levels is what I picked here. Lastly, what flavour you want for the drink formula part of the vitamins. Importantly I picked Orange as you can never go wrong with orange flavoured products.

When your vitamin supply has arrived, It arrives in a small handy orange box that encloses your 30-day sachets. This orange box makes it incredibly easy to slot into your fridge as that is where these need to be kept. So make sure you have enough room to store them! (Making room was something I forgot to do and had to frantically rearrange my incredibly messy fridge. I am slightly envious of all the Mr's Hinch fans who have the perfect fridge layouts as mine never looks the same). 

But Really, What Does It Contain?

Depending on what supplements you are recommended, your supplements may consist of both tablets and a drink powder formula filled with a mix of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 acids probiotics and antioxidants. These change depending on how you answered the questionnaire and what are best to fitting your lifestyle and dietary requirements. A note to place here is that I found with the drink powder it's best when mixing it with water to let it stand for 5/10 minutes and mixing it every so often to make it taste the nicest. 

In Summary. 

Overall, I've been trying these vitamins for over a week and a half now and have seen some general improvements with my health. My productivity on a day to day basis has really improved and my ability to stay concentrated for longer means I'm getting a lot more done in regards to studying for my University degree. Although I haven't seen much help when it comes to getting up in the morning, I do find my energy levels are supplemented in regards to I'm having more energy in the day. This means I'm able to actually do a lot more after my workday has finished and I'm not just sat on the sofa struggling to stay awake past eight o'clock. This new burst of energy is so new to me and I just love how perfect Sundos is for if you are on the go and need something quick to drink on your way to work or with your breakfast in the morning. 

If supplements and vitamins are something you have been wanting to try out but been struggling where to start, Sundose is the perfect brand for you. With the code 'lucyjade' you are able to get 20 pounds off your first order!

Have you ever tried vitamins/supplements before or is it something you already do on a regular basis? Please do let me know! 


  1. I don't really take products like this, but this seems like a great brand and a good place to start xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Vitamins are so good for you! They make it so much easier to take xx

  2. I love that these provide a personal recommendation so that they're helping you the best way they can! I think vitamins and supplements can really help!
    Soph - x

    1. That was what my favourite part of this is! You know what you are putting in your body is the best for you x

  3. I love the sound of something like this! Having them in little sachets must make it much easier to remember to take them! I always forget xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. I know what you mean! At the start of taking vitamins I kept forgetting but I think I've formed it into a habit now xx