Sunday, March 29, 2020

My Everyday Makeup Routine.

Makeup isn't something I wear often, and it's not something I particularly find something thinking I am good at, however, I've been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone a little more as I feel a lot more comfortable when wearing it. Not that I'm saying you have to wear makeup to look good or feel confident! Although, I don't know too much when it comes to this topic I thought I would share because I think I've found some good pieces that work for me!

Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer.

You may have heard me rave about the brand Lacura (Owned by Aldi), in my previous blogpost talking all about my favourite skincare pieces, however, they have done it again. This primer is one of the best ones I have tried at helping to keep my base makeup on my face. I have particularly oily skin so makeup tends to slip off my face easily. It's silicone feel on the skin makes your face feel intact without the added need of stickiness. Something I hate with makeup products if it feels sticky on my skin or I can feel it is there I hate wearing it!  

BareMinerals Original Powder Foundation. 

Now, foundations have always been a picky one for me, Whenever I liquid foundations they agitate my skin and spots to a crazily high amount So I had been on the hunt for a while for a good alternative. I was actually watching a Fashionmumblr youtube video where she was raving all about this powder foundation and how buildable the coverage is so you can choose how much you wear on each given day. Having purchased it I can see why her reviews were so high! It makes my skin look nice without completely blurring the imperfections out. For me, I prefer a much more natural look as it feels a more lightweight on my skin! Whenever I wear 'Heavy' makeup my skin tends to breakout! One thing I will add to this is it's not exactly budget-friendly and is classed as more of a high-end makeup product so do bear that in mind, however, it's lasted me a good while so far!

W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow Palette. 

This has been an old stable within my make up routine for a while now! It's basically a budget dupe version of the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze without the hefty price tag attached to it! It makes my pale skin look a little bit more bronzed without causing a striking difference. I tend to use this bronzer within the winter months and often use my The Balm Betty Lou-manizer when I'm tanned or in the summer. The highlight is subtle and performs a natural glow without being in your face. I love unnatural and striking highlight, but I feel it never suits my face and I always look like a turtle in Moana singing 'Shiny'. 

The TooFaced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette And Urban Decay Naked Three Palette.

Eyeshadow. When deciding on what makeup palette to use and what look to go for, it can really change the look overall. For everyday, I love using my Urban Decay Naked Three A old classic from the depths of blogging and youtube itself. I love the classic and natural looks you can create with this, and looking from the photo there's one shade I love the most! Whereas, if I'm not using my naked three palette I tend to be wearing my new favourite, my toofaced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette. It has some beautiful browny shades and beautiful glitter that I love creating looks with if I'm feeling a bit more effort is needed to add to my makeup. Especially perfect for a Christmas party look!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. 

A stable, a classic, we've all used it, and we've all loved it. You really can NOT go wrong when it comes to this powder. It's lightweight it's undetectable, and it helps to keep your makeup in place and shine-free. There's not much more to add on this as I think I've covered it all. I love it. If there is one thing you HAVE to buy from this blog post it's this. 

Essence Matt Touch Blush. 

I don't tend to be incredibly picky when it comes to what blush I wear. I have quite red cheeks normally without wearing makeup so I tend to try and just sutbley recreate that kind of look in a cute way. But this one tends to be the one I grab the most at the moment and it's such a budget-friendly find! In fact one could call it a secret treasure gem I found! I have a few different shades that come from this makeup brand so do check it out!

Rimmel Brow This Way And Benefit Rollerlash.

For brows I only use a clear brow gel, my chosen choice is the Rimmel Brow This Way. I'm lucky in this department as I go and get my brows tinted at the salon when I get them waxed so I don't have to put a lot of product in them as one of the things I hate are thick heavy brows. I love the look of shaped brows that are all perfectly arched on other people but I often look silly with them. 

For Mascara, I tend to use my Benefit Rollerlash if I'm putting a lot of makeup on, as they make my lashes look incredible. Curled and volumized to the maximum. I'm very lucky to be blessed with quite long lashes, but the Rollerlash is definitely a product you would be able to buildup. Although, if I'm having a very simple makeup day, I tend to wear this mascara I got in a Glossybox from a brand called Mannkadar. I've never heard of it before trying it out from Glossybox but it gives my lashes a natural cute look without being a lot of product. 

Urban Decay Up All Nighter Setting Spray. 

Finishing products are something I have only really started testing out but I love this setting spray from Urban Decay and it's really good at keeping my makeup in place! It's quite expensive for what it really is but it does work.

Mac Lip Liner in Edge To Edge. 

I don't tend to wear lipstick or lip products in general, I often just stick a lip balm on but if I do wear something with a bit of colour I often end up lining my lips with this and popping a lip balm on top. It's basically your lips but better look!

What is one of your favourite staple makeup products in your routine? I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost! 


  1. It was very interesting read about your makeup routine. Thank you so much for sharing.

    New Post -

    1. You are welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

  2. I love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder - it's one that I have used ever since I have been wearing makeup and definitely am in no rush to replace it with anything else. Thank you for sharing x
    Amber |

    1. I know what you mean! It seems to be the staple we have all kept in our routines since day one! xx

  3. Love this! Products look brilliant x

  4. So many amazing products! I love the Rimmel stay matte powder, it's definitely the best pressed powder out there. You can't grumble for the price xx

    Hannah |

    1. Exactlyhow I feel. I've not found a pressed powder that could compete with it! xx