Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Still Me By Jojo Moyes // A Book Review.

It was the book and movie everyone was watching or reading. Me Before You took the world or at least the UK by storm. What most people do not realise is Jojo Moyes has written three books within the Me Before you franchise, so here is a review for not the sequel (I've written a blog post that's mentioned that one before) but the sequel sequel.  In English, that means the third and last book.  

'Still Me' had that nostalgic feeling with it that reminded me a lot of the similarities of when I was reading 'Me Before You'. The writing flowed well and the story of Lou was brought back to life, her vintage love and craziness shining through; something I missed a lot when reading the second book 'After you'. 'Still Me' made sense to her characteristics and the events that happened through the novel, I loved every second of it but that may have been because it's setting was based in the big apple New York City. 

New York made sense for Lou to be there. it filled that empty gaping hole that the telly series of Gossip Girl left behind. It's been a few years but if you know, you know. Using New York as a new story location helped carry the third book in this series. It made the story interesting and I loved how the New York scenery entered the novel. It made it interesting and actually was filled with a lot of twists and turns. A lot of things you wouldn't have expected, and I felt terrible most of the time as I expected and predicted a few things to happen and it was the exact opposite of the outcome. I don't want to say too much in case I spoil too much of the novel, however, there is one part of it that I did expect the wife to be cheating as that tends to be the storyline most authors progress towards.

But with positives, sadly there is sometimes negatives. One negative I did not enjoy in regards to the story was the character of Paramedic Sam. He was introduced and presented within the second novel, and I honestly thought I would maybe he would grow on me. In fact, I sadly found an incredibly more insufferable within the third. I don't again want to spoil too much of the novel in case Jojo Moyes is an author you are interested in reading but the actions he participates in, are not something I would condemn in the slightest.

All in all, I would give this novel a 4/5. If chick flick novels are your way to go then definitely pick this one up.  

Have you read a Jojo Moyes novel before, If so what were you thoughts about them?
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  1. I have read the first and second book, and though I loved the story of Me Before You, I wasn't so keen on After You - like you, not a fan of Sam. Hence why I have decided not to read the last book. But you did find some enjoyable parts though, so maybe one day I'll give it a go!

    Julia x

    1. I'm glad you felt the same! There's just something about him that makes my skin itch you know? x

  2. I loved this series too! The first book was the best and the third one was my next favourite! I also didn't like Sam, haha but I loved seeing Lou's journey in NYC! xx

    1. The vintage shopping parts were my absolute favourites too! xx