Friday, May 15, 2020

My Thoughts And Feelings On Lockdown.

Hello. It feels weird to be sat writing here. It's been just over a month since I properly sat down and wrote something. Trust me, I've been trying but with the unpreceded times we are in, I haven't felt it was merely appropriate to do so. My University exams have been cancelled, I've been put on furlough from work and I've had some terribly horrible personal life problems to hand that everything has basically piled on top of one another. I've spent most of this lockdown being wildly unproductive, but I've managed to spend a lot of time playing video games and watching Netflix shows that one could argue that it was future research for a blog post but I won't put up much of a fight in that regards. 

In summary, this little blog post is just explaining my absence and basically saying I feel a little better in my adjusted life of living at home 24/7 and I hope I can find the energy to carry on writing, it's something that I love doing. Pouring words onto a page often helps also. I do also want to add onto the bottom of this that it is completely okay if you aren't being productive all the time during this. Right now, anxiety is at the max for a lot of us and it's hard to be able to find the time to relax and spend time not worrying about the world around us. It's extremely normal. 

I hope you and your families are all safe and well. 
Thank you for reading. 

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