Monday, July 6, 2020

What I have Been Loving During The Month Of June.

June has been and gone. In a flash some people would say. Can you believe we have just been through another month of lockdown? It's crazy to fathom, once upon a time we enjoyed spending time in our homes and now at this point, we are just trying to break out the windows in a desperate attempt to seek some space. I've been really trying to find myself some routine but even saying the word attempting is hard to keep up with at this point. It is almost as if when my work furloughed me and my university cancelled our last exams all hope escaped with it. I'm not complaining, I am a very lucky person, I love where I live and it's given me chance to watch telly and start those hobbies and tasks I've been meaning to do, but I am starting to miss the outside world a little bit. 

However, on the subject of hobbies and telly shows I thought I would actually write a blog post documenting all the things I have loved this month. Although the idea is strikingly weird to think in a few years these words upon a computer screen are going to be read by people who don't remember the lockdown and global pandemic surrounding our lives right now. In fact, it feels so long ago I can not honestly remember a time before the word pandemic was spoken every day on the news. 

Amazon Prime's Marvelous Mrs Maisel. 

As I'm writing this, I've just finished the third series of this show, and let me tell you it is honestly brilliant. I love the female empowerment that the leading lady has throughout the series and how down to earth and realistic the show is on the topic's it tackles. I am also guilty of truly adoring the fashion choices that  Midge Maisel has. Comedy is something I love and paired with binge-worthy television dramas, I feel they can not go wrong. I really hope they bring out a series four soon because, without too many spoilers, the ending of series three left us with quite a cliff hanger in regards to what direction the show could be heading. I do also what to put here that I love the character Lenny Bruce and found the comedian a charming charismatic man from day one. Who couldn't like the guy?

Animal Crossing. 

I feel like everybody in this space of this lockdown has either purchased a switch or been playing Animal Crossing. It's definitely been the hobby that has made the time pass a lot quicker than without it. But, Animal crossing has been a game I've played for most of my childhood so it's been great not only playing it again but the community that's popped up around it. It's also been helping to contribute to socialising while we were in heavy lockdown. (While I am writing this, it is the Monday after the pubs opened during the weekend and people are allowed out properly to socialise and not just to buy groceries). My friend Emma and I have spent hours talking to each other while playing or visiting each other's islands. If you haven't played Animal Crossing before I do highly suggest it, It's a game everybody can play.


I mentioned the word hobbies at the top of the blog post, and one of my favourite hobbies that I have started during these three months of lockdown has been knitting. Now I am not going to say it has been easy, I tried to learn once when I was a child and much to no one's surprise I ended up getting tangled up more in the wool than actually making anything, I'm surprised my parents honestly could teach me to tie my shoelaces with how clumsy my hands can end up being. So when I purchased a shiny new pair of needles and a bag of wool I was sure I did not want to make the same mistake. Knitting is all about patience and learning the basics. Once that is achieved you can speed up the process and it's actually satisfying when you see the wool coming together to form a pattern. But mostly, I've just been enjoying doing something while watching telly that isn't scrolling on my phone. 


I've always loved gardening, and when my boyfriend and I were flat searching, a garden was on the top priority of it all. I feel incredibly lucky to have it as it's nice to be able to sit out on the patio and breathe in the fresh air when everything feels overwhelming. But during the lockdown, we've spent a lot of time in garden centres picking and planting flowers and veg in their devoted patches. The garden still has a few pieces of work to do, but it's crazy how much we have managed to get done during this time. it's helped me feel even slightly more productive and though we are achieving something. 

What things have you been loving during the month of June? I would love to know. Thank you so much for reading. 

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